On the global market, in the era of ubiquitous startups, users are able to choose their favorite software from lots of opportunities. There are extended software rankings on the internet, from which we can choose a tool that we are interested in the most. Let’s focus today on the productivity measurement, in other words – on a time tracking, analyzing the integration of two popular tools, TimeCamp, and parolu.

We ask ourselves, what does the user really need. If one productivity measurement tool is everything that he wished for, he should make a careful and considered choice, picking from lots of solutions. Nowadays, when companies are offering many integrated services, more and more users utilize hybrid solutions.

What is the most important factor which affects the assessment of productivity?

Two things. A task and how much time are dedicated to it. But there is a way to do it smarter – what we have to do is to utilize the tools mentioned above because they are complementary. That’s why we want to recommend you using those two apps – parolu and TimeCamp – together. Thanks to this collaboration you could combine time tracking, your milestones, chat, calendar and contact management, which means all the features useful in teamwork.
TimeCamp allows you to track your time automatically – just push the magic button and your working report will be ready,

timecamp dashboard

parolu allows you to mark the milestones in your projects imported from TimeCamp. To-dos and project management let you manage your tasks more effectively.

TimeCamp and parolu both have a clean, easy to use user interface and their features complement each other. Both tools together offer you an internal chat, mobile versions, team members invitations, managing your calendar and many others. All those features make them similar, so there aren’t any obstacles to using them simultaneously.

parolu and TimeCamp together offer mobile timetracking
TimeCamp integration


That’s why TimeCamp recommends you an integration with parolu by Zapier as one of the opportunities of productivity management. Read about integration on our blog here.

Pawel Kijko timecamp

Author: Paweł Kijko, CMO at TimeCamp
Free marketeer, focused on user’s needs… just to make work easier :)