Business Teamwork – Important For Success in 2018

Business Teamwork – Important For Success in 2018 With the opening of New Year 2018, everyone is optimistic about their goals. Business owners or entrepreneurs also take a new and positive step in 2018 with the ending of 2017. They … Read More


The job of the business setup consultants in Dubai is to visualize the concept of every client and take it to completion. In the process, there are hundreds of tasks that the business consultants guide their clients about. Some of … Read More

Management with OKR

Companies have been around for a long time — teamwork, too. Naturally, both have undergone significant changes over time. On the one hand, this has to do with advancements in technology, but it’s also a result of changes that have … Read More

OKR Leadership with parolu successfully implemented

Oracle uses it, LinkedIn and Twitter use it, too. Google helped it to become famous, Intel developed it already before the turn of the millennium – “OKR“. But what is to be expected from that? The abbreviation “OKR“ stands for … Read More

Roles and other new features

Our latest feature: Give your team access to your projects – Now everyone can get involved We worked hard to bring you this feature that will change your work flow: Give your team members access to the projects. They can … Read More

Tips for Successful Self-Employment

Setting up a business is indeed something to celebrate; however, daily life can quickly catch up with a freelancer. Click here to learn which tools freelancers can use to make improvements in their project management or time tracking. Important aspects … Read More