The job of the business setup consultants in Dubai is to visualize the concept of every client and take it to completion. In the process, there are hundreds of tasks that the business consultants guide their clients about. Some of the tools and strategies are quite basic ones without which no business lasts for a longer time. The CRM and project management are among those necessary tools that result in the success of the business industry when executed properly and with a smart plan. They are the top-notch tools which help the business men track the quality and progress of the work, customer response and the profit made by the business firm.

Before we discuss the necessity of these tools, let’s find out what do they offer:

What is CRM?

CRM is the abbreviation of customer relationship management. There are multiple tools that help the business team find out the business success at the customer level. It covers all the practices and strategies that are used to analyze customer interaction with the brand. It offers customer follow-up tracking, interaction tracking, visitor and referral tracking services and many others. The main aim is to improve the business-customer interaction and drive sales growth.

What is project management?

The project management, on the other hand, is the planning, execution, tracking and completion of the whole project. This includes devising a plan of action, budget management, agile support and tracking the task progress and workflow reports. In short, through project management, you get to track each and every step of the business until it achieves its goals and even further.

Both these extraordinary business supporting tools are used at one or the other level by the company. Many companies have now tried to combine them together to make use of the effectiveness of these tools. The seamless experience provided by the integration of these useful tools is productive and enhances the visibility to sales, marketing and operational techniques.

Benefits of the integrated solution in tracking and insight of the business:

The all-in-one collaboration tools like the comprehensive integration of CRM software with project management programs and vice versa is great. They help in managing the business team with greater visibility and in achieving the pre-defined milestones of the business industry. The other benefits that they offer are as follows:

  1. Creates a friendly, peaceful and productive work environment:

A business office has several departments which have to work together to produce effective results. When one department is expected to submit the work to the other, confusion and chaos rises. The integrated solution allows the sales and marketing and project management departments to work peacefully using the results from the integrated solution. As the results have information from the first customer interaction till the end of the project, they are quite useful for both the departments.


  1. Gives a complete insight of the project results:

The customer interaction with the business brand is a part of the project. Using the tracking information and insights, this interaction is enhanced by the marketing teams and project managers to ensure the attainment of the goals. The goal to drive sales and earn profit becomes easy by the use of these tools.


  1. It offers a competitive potential advantage:

In a similar business, the interaction report of one customer can be used or is comparable for other customers as well. The project templates can be interchanged as well. This helps in quick completion of the customer’s sales cycle. Once the insight of this cycle is completed, the initiation of the project cycle becomes easy.

  1. Gives a better estimate for risk management:

The combined approach of the tools helps in finding out a lot of things. You can find where the exact problem in the customer interaction with the brand lies, which process of the project is not completed up to the mark and how these changes are affecting the business goals. The good thing about a tracking and insight report is that you can use it whenever you want to detect the risks and hurdles in the path of success. As soon as the team knows about the risks faced by the project, whether in budgeting, customer interaction or task management, it can work in order to overcome them.


  1. Allows you to focus on the main goals of the business:

The CRM and project management tools, without a doubt, are considered as the two most important tools in the world of business. By measuring the benefits offered by these tools and weighing them against the odds, we get to know that they play a major role in business development and success. Businessmen all around the world use these and others software to enhance their business productivity. The information gained by these tools help in fine tuning the practices and strategies that are used in order to gain success.

The advantages of CRM and project management are unparalleled when we observe how effectively they influence the business progress results. Having such a productive and cost-effective solution to achieve the goals is a blessing and the world of business is largely dependent on it.



Author Bio: Brenda Cagara
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