parolu INBOX

Convert your mails into tasks with just a few clicks

Keep focussed on all important assignments.

Accomplish tasks faster by using the parolu inbox.


Mail Inbox

We receive myriads of mails every day, including important information, dates, attachements and todos. Things get lost with this number of mails.



Just a few clicks enable you to setup a parolu inbox mail address and to send all important mails or dates as todos, including attachments, to your parolu inbox.


Inbox Zero

Edit, complement or delegate your todos and hence shorten the editing time for all participants.

Convert your mails into tasks with just a few clicks
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How the parolu INBOX works

Your “parolu inbox mail”

On your dashboard you find the INBOX. Here, you can see and copy your organization INBOX address. Later on, you will find all your todos from your mail box, here, too.

Convert a project inbox address into a contact

Create a new contact with the project mail address in your e-mail client. So in the future you can quickly create your mails including attachments as Todo in parolu.

In the parolu settings you can store several of your e-mail addresses to send these death messages to your INBOX.

No information gets lost.

All information and attachments from your mail will be copied to parolu and set as todos.

  • email subject => todo title
  • email content => todo description
  • dates => events
  • attachments => as file under todos and project
  • mark email as important => prioritized todo

before sending best delete forward and footer in ordert o get clean titles and description in your todo.

Check and edit todo in parolu

Your mail is save das a todo in your project now, and nothing will get lost anymore. By that you can go on attaching files, assign todos to others and follow up, create chech lists, set times and comment altogether.

Concert your mails into tasks with just a few clicks.
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