Zapier connects parolu with over 500 apps

Parolu doesn’t miss any chance to continuously improve its operation processes. Thanks to our cooperation with Zapier you will now be able to connect parolu to more than 500 apps which you can also incorporate into your very own structure. You can therefore integrate apps such as Evernote or Google Sheets into your workflow.

How does this work? Just get registered at Zapier, chose the parolu app and allow Zapier to access your parolu account. Afterwards, you will be able to link more than 500 apps with parolu. At Zapier you will find different tools such as CRM System, time management tools, ticket systems, which enable an increase in your productivity. Famous names like Trello, Wunderlist, Pivotaltracker and Jira take part in this. You will also find new programs, though.

In Zapier you create so-called Zaps, which connect to services and automatize the processes. Zaps allow you to decide which connections between parolu and the tool in choice are useful and make your work easier. For example a Zap can determine that action A (write a note with Evernote) leads to action B (add to to do list in parolu).

Evernote ➔ parolu – save new Evernote “Notes” as to do in parolu

parolu ➔ Pivotal Tracker – generate new parolu projects in Pivotal Tracker

Wunderlist ➔ parolu – generate new Wunderlist to do in parolu

The mass of information that you receive from everywhere is concentrated even more thanks to zapier. You do not have to remember 10 passwords or get used to new user interfaces, anymore. Instead, you can incorporate important functions into parolu and synchronize contents. Be creative and discover new ways to improve your operations.


Explore Parolu integrations on Zapier to get started with automation today

Example: Zapier connects PivotalTracker and parolu

The following steps show how you can set up Zapier to export new stories in PivotalTracker automatically into parolu as new to-dos.

Step 1 – Choose App

Step 1 - Choose App


Step 2 – Choose Trigger

Step 2 - Choose Trigger


Step 3 – Choose Account

Step 3 - Choose Account


Step 4 – Setup Trigger

Step 4 - Setup Trigger


Step 5 – Choose Action

Step 5 - Choose Action


Step 6 – Choose Account

Step 6 - Choose Account


Step 7 – Set up create Todo

Step 7 - Set up create Todo


Step 8 – Test your Zap

Step 8 - Test your Zap