Our latest feature: Give your team access to your projects – Now everyone can get involved

We worked hard to bring you this feature that will change your work flow: Give your team members access to the projects. They can work within your project or even start their own. Work together productively!

Be in control of your project and get the most out of your team.

Other new features:

  • New document view
  • Organized dashboard
  • Checklist within the to-do list
  • New app language: Turkish

The planned features:

External Users:
Gives your costumer the ability to be informed about the status of his projects. Or you can invite freelancers or coworkers without a parolu account to work on a project with you.

Our new Chat will enable the entire team communication inside of parolu.

The parolu INBOX will allow you to import emails into the parolu INBOX and transfer them directly into your to-do list.

If you are missing something we are welcome to hear your feedback and your input. We try to take every suggestion into consideration.