Those working as freelancers or in larger agencies without specific time constraints, often lose sight of the overview for time requirements in their work. Sooner or later, projects suffer, because work is frequently done at the “last minute” and is, consequently, inaccurate. Heavy email traffic puts the overview at a particularly high risk.

Which client said what again?

When is which project due?

This type of chaos often leads to dissatisfaction and shoddy work.

But how, exactly, can this be helped? With time accounts, perhaps? provides an ideal opportunity for this. Whether it has to do with projects, documents, team coordination, or time sequences, parolu has a solution for every time-related problem.

Lots of projects?

parolu facilitates the efficient coordination and stress-free processing of all projects. The structures are defined and managed by the user. A clearly arranged display helps you plan projects, define Todos or invite members. Structure is particularly important when several collaborators are involved. Documents must be managed and versions of documents reviewed and possibly edited. Team members must be worked into the project or you may need to transfer one of your projects to someone else – all this takes time, time which could have been spent on the projects or on well-deserved leisure.

parolu allows you to record time consistently and helps you to efficiently use the time available to you. If you have your time sequences under control, you can identify problems and act in time, before it’s too late and the client pulls the plug on the project. The mobile version is particularly practical; it keeps you in the loop and allows you to perform quick editing on the go, which affords you even greater time savings.

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