Projects and To-Dos

The clear interface allows you to quickly and easily plan your projects and invite team members.


Milestones help with effective project planning, so it’s a cinch to plan and define the to-dos.


You will find all the appointments for your project and to-dos in your calendar. You can also synchronize this with other calendars.

Time Tracking

Record your hours quickly and easily whether you are on the road or in the office. This lets you keep track of the hours you have worked.


After successful completion of a project, simply generate the invoice, including the time tracked, with a single click.


Link your existing web services with parolu to increase your productivity. Zapier, for example…



Whether you’re at the office, on the way to a customer meeting or at a conference, you can stay informed of what’s happening in your project at all times.


Work agile and keep an overview of your project.
-coming soon-

External Users

Also invite external service providers or customers to your project and assign tasks.
-coming soon-

Immediately boost productivity in your team